The book you have to read if you want to learn about programming

Ok, what about programming? Well, I think you can learn it very easily thanks (or maybe not) to all the online tutorials on internet. But that’s the easy way to finish “the work”, and isn’t always the best way to do the things correctly.

Source: O’Reilly

That’s why I always talk about this book with my tech friends when they ask me about “fundamentals” (they know me). “Head First: Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design”, explains many concepts very well and offers the second most important thing about programming, practice.

Ok, let’s be clear, the book is about object-oriented programming, I’m big fan of it (sorry functional guys) and I am a true believer about the big impact over the rest of programming teqniques. Even though I think this book is for self-taught programmers, I think you can use it if you are programming teacher, please, read it and use it with your students!

Maybe the price is kind of scarier but I’m sure you cand find good deals (sometimes there are good second hand options!) on Amazon, ebay or the O’Reilly suscription (also you can use the 10 days trial option)

Ok guys, I have to say good bye (for now)

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